Dedicated Admin

Dedicated Admin is much more then tech support or managed hosting. We don’t offer any hosting, but instead work to provide you with the best possible solution on the hosting of your choice. Instead of just offering basic support we are dedicated to offering everything from system design and advice on scalability to proactive monitoring and maintenance.

We love working with designers and developers, but we don’t provide those services. Instead we help keep your base up and running, and leave the design and content to the ones better versed in creating it. We do one thing, and we do it well: we fanatically and proactively monitor your system and keep it up and running. If there are problems we try to stay on top of them, and often solve them even before you’re aware of them.

We focus on solid, and highly available designs, fail-safe to sustain any single problem, yet smart enough not to have any component redundant and just standing as a hot-spare. Our goal is your uptime, we aim at at least 99.9%.