This is a list of all technologies we suggest to our clients, and which we love to implement. This is also what we recommend as a tried and tested solution for you to use:

 CentOS is our preferred Linux distribution. We recommend it for all server usage.



NGinX is the next generation web server and reverse proxy. An excellent choice as a web server, an SSL off-loading processor or as a load balancer.


 Redis is our recommended key-value store. It stores sessions, and cache data, supports expiration as well as replication. We use it where ever we need it.

Percona Server is our favorite type of MySQL. In the latest version 5.7 it comes with a lot of new features, advanced integration, and better performance. When we use MySQL we preffer this version!


MongoDB is what people now use for NoSQL. We have some great experience using it, and it can be either a replacement, or a supplement to your RDBMS.